Warning Drivers in Real-Time of Large Animal Danger

With over 20 years of experience in designing systems specifically for the harsh Canadian environments combined with our design team from the transportation and security industry sectors has driven the development of the Extreme Outdoor Motion Detection Alarm System. Based on our standard solar power systems that is specially sized for the load and installation location and incorporating our standard multichannel signalling radios we have added an industry leading Passive Infrared (PIR) system to detect human sized thermal targets moving across a very narrow field of view. These detection systems are ideally suited for detecting large animals such as Moose, Elk, Deer or Bears that may be approaching the highway.

The PIRs have a large animal / human sized target range of 150m (500’) with only a 3m (11’) wide detection zone at that range. This ensures that the detection will focus on the areas to the side of the road and not detect the approaching vehicles. To reduce false alarms, the PIRs have built in variable sensitivities through the length of the field of view with sensitivity reducing as the object gets closer to the sensor. In addition, the PIRs have two parallel detection zones throughout the length of the detection field of view. The systems will wirelessly activate our solar powered warning flashers to warn drivers of the hazard and in doing so protect both the animals and the drivers from possible injury or death.

The thermal source it detects has to move across from one to the other before an alarm is generated. Since these systems rely on the detection of a moving large animal sized heat source in their elevated field of view, low vegetation or snow banks will not effect performance as seen with other active IR systems